Community Builder.

I believe we need to do work together to improve and grow our communities. Community building requires engagement, we need to reach out and listen. I have contributed to numerous community projects over the years and the successful ones included tough conversations and hard work.

I helped found Brigadoon Village to help local kids with chronic illness. After years of neglect, I worked with the community—advocating for and spearheading significant public consultation—to replace Le Marchant-St. Thomas School.

As Chair of the Standing Committee on Economic Development I became involved with and championed the ocean technology sector as an essential piece of moving Nova Scotia forward.


As an avid outdoorsman working at our local Mountain Equipment Coop I saw the potential in a homegrown, outdoor retail store. I moved from working for others to owning and operating The Trail Shop; employing dozens over the years while providing quality goods, top-notch service, and serving as a strong community partner for various organizations.

I also identified the need for a specialized business to help people transport their stuff. From idea to reality I conceptualized, built, and operated Rackology from scratch.


My greatest passion is the outdoors, everything from mountaineering to backcountry skiing to multi-pitch climbs with my kids.

Nova Scotia is home to some of the most spectacular outdoor activities and locales. Whether it’s the Bay of Fundy or Keji, we are always only a moment from natural greatness. I take every opportunity to enjoy it with friends, family, and community.

The Nova Scotia backcountry has enabled me to instill environmental, entrepreneurial, and self-sufficiency skills in my children who have come to enjoy the outdoors as much as April and I.