Letter to Minister of Natural Resources, Lloyd Hines

Dear Minister Hines,

I’ve had the great fortune of knocking on thousands of doors in my community since my election as MLA for Halifax Chebucto in October 2013. These conversations with my constituents have enabled me to hear their concerns directly, to communicate these concerns to our Government, and to propose solutions.

I want to begin by thanking you for your understanding and your responsiveness to previous concerns that I have brought forward to you.

I have heard from my constituents about the importance of protecting our forests. They have specific concerns about the sustainability of our forests and what can be done to ensure that our decisions are informed by the best available science.

Minister, to that end, I would ask the department to review our forest management practices with the goal of ensuring that we are striking the right balance for Nova Scotia’s forests.

Minister, I know you share my commitment to a healthy and sustainable forest. I believe this review will lead to an even healthier forest and a stronger Nova Scotia.

I look forward to your response.