Democracy in Action

Your Voice in the Legislature

The job of an MLA is to represent the views and priorities of constituents in the Legislature. There are many ways to achieve this, I think the most important part is to maintain open lines of communication. We won’t always agree but we have to find ways to work past our differences. Partisanship can be divisive and challenging to overcome, but we can step back and work together.

That’s why I’ve been working on this Democracy in Action project. It’s an opportunity to come together, notwithstanding political affiliations, agreements, or disagreements. To bring ideas into a room and discuss them, not to defeat them but to find a few that can make a difference in our community.

I believe that together we can:

  • improve and build on each other’s ideas;
  • come up with solid proposals;
  • discuss and share them with our friends and families; and
  • make one of these ideas a reality

I think that we can spread the word about our ideas and find the most inspiring or achievable and make it happen. I encourage you to participate. Whether you’re a policy person or someone who cares about a cause. Together we can do this.


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  • Brainstorming

    Get Together

    It starts with ideas. The ideas your bring with you and those we develop together as a community. Participation and engagement first.

  • Collaboration

    Work Together

    Once we have great ideas on the table, we can collaborate to develop those ideas and strengthen them together.

  • Vote

    Community Wins

    Community is the winner when we all choose the ideas to put forward for a broader community vote.

  • Make it so

    Community Members' Bill

    Our process will develop several ideas and a community vote will determine which one makes it to the legislature to (hopefully!) become law.

Powered by Ideas

Powered by Ideas

What can we do, together, to make a difference in our communities? How can we make positive change? Have a discussion over the dinner table, chat with your neighbours, investigate policies and projects that have worked elsewhere.
All Hands on Deck

All Hands on Deck

Come together with others who have ideas to make change. We will discuss and develop, merge and recreate. We will work together with a singular goal of choosing and sharing five ideas with all the residents of Halifax Chebucto.
Everyone Gets a Say

Everyone Gets a Say

Share the ideas. Spread the word. Engage your neighbours. We will have a vote online on my website to choose the idea that will be introduced to the Legislature as a Private Members’ Bill.

10 Years of Private Members’ Bills